EVTRIC has the keys to the ride to your fascinating future. We manufacture E-Scooters that thrive on sustainability and the conserved longevity of energy - with the added dose of advanced mechanics and dynamical designs.

Spearheading the Make in India movement by producing the main process in-house in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our vision resides in the fact that we envision future mobility along with intelligent commuting - a truly futuristic existence in the present climate.

Been at it since 20 years with our prominent presence in the automobile industry, along with more than five factories and 850+ people that thrive on the crucial mission - of providing a green and clean, healthy and friendly environment: an absolute ecosystem for our beloved Indian riders. At the same time, we deliver the most seamless, efficient and enjoyable riding experience.

Therefore, getting both ‘your’ world and ‘the’ world a step closer to the fundamental future.


The EVTRIC RISE is available in two scintillating colours Black and Red
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The EVTRIC RIDE designed keeping in mind the needs of Indian families allows more seating space.
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